Sunday, May 15, 2016

Kawaii clothing finds on..Amazon?? (PLUS SIZES TOO!)

Kawaii clothing finds on...



Yes, believe it or not, Amazon does have a lot of quality items and stores. 
It generally takes a while to dig through a few of the flops before getting something nice. 
And yes, they have larger size.

Im JUST as surprised as you. 

Now, Lots of cuties find themselves searching for cute clothes on amazon for 3 reasons.

-A distant relative who you barely remember even though they insist you try to gave you a 20$ amazon gift card as a present.
- The freaking storenvy clothes are just out of budget because of being overpriced.
well, youre in luck! After a  bit of searching, Ive managed to find some cute things under 20 bucks. 

Now, there are a few items on this list that claim to be "Lolita" fashion. My one piece of advice is to never EVER order Lolita from shady shops. (example, Ebay or Amazon) The material is almost always cheap and gaudy as heck. If you're looking for a cute dress, or a costume then buy it, but if you're looking for a serious lolita item I suggest looking else ware, otherwise you might be mocked as an "ita". See how to avoid being an Ita for more info. If its not second hand and under 20 dollars, chances are its a cheap knock off of something else.
 (Bodyline in some cases is the only exception.) 

Buyers Discretion advised.   

Now that my warnings over with, lets get onto the fun part! 



This sweater comes in a large variety of sizes and is adorable, and It comes in 3 colors!
Popteen model and singer Pikarin wore this, (which is why I brought it xD) 

  $9.49 - $15.04

The next Item is a thing that actually isnt plus size. I want another seifuku because my first one is all strange and im going to Tekkoshocon in april so!!! asdhfpk!! 
but seriously what girl into Japanese fashion doesn't own one of these. it takes you back to those weeaboo days in middle school with your little cat ear squad nyaING AT EVERY FREAKING THING HONESTLY ITS JUST SO CRINGY ITS CUTE 
 Even though I might have screamed a bit because it wasnt in MY size, Im sure a few tinier girls would like how cheap it is! 

Its super cheap, comes in like 40 colors and I also available in winter style.The only problem is that this is kind of an ify product. there are picture reviews which is nice though, so if you're tiny and want a cheap option, this is for you. 
Seifuku $7.51 - $19.99

the next costume has a bit more options in the size department and is super cute, but again, the quality is a hit or a miss.

Its a bit more expensive but lets be honest, its adorable.

it also has picture reviews which is always great.
$16.20 - $28.58  
 It comes in 3 colours!


this is the cheapest place on amazon to buy asian fashion. the reviews count lots here, but the options are nice and most of the clothing sizes are very wide range.

heres just a few of their things.
people dont know this, but a super cute touch can make an outfit so much more adorable. 
I used to think it was just clothes but man was I wrong. since amazon has a lot of adorable cheap things, im just going to put pictures and links. 
TheWin My Neighbor Totoro Plush Shoulder Messenger Hand Bag Purse Grey 
 Polytree 5pcs Cute Girls Women's Big Polka Dot Rabbit Ear Hair Bow Tie Bands Ponytail Holder 

Make Up!

When buying unknown makeup brands online, please be careful!
[TONYMOLY] Delight Tony Tint 9ml (3 Set) 
Voberry® Women Gril Lady Big Sale! 5 Pair/lot Crisscross False Eyelashes Lashes Voluminous HOT Eye Lashes