Thursday, March 26, 2015

H&M's Kawaii collection! (review?)

I was waiting for it guys. We were ALL waiting for it.

H&M released a cute themed collection!!! Im so happy! 
The collection seems to have pieces that would work with a variety of styles, which is great! 
But, will it cross the line of being almost too stereotypical to wear without getting false labels? 


Lets review H&M's Kawaii collection!

These reviews arent sponsored by H&M at all, and of course, are my personal opinions. Remember, part of the fun of fashion is to wear what  you like. It may not be my taste personally, but it might be yours! Embrace it~

Lets take a look at some of these clothes!

Hrmn... Kind of a plain name for such a cute shirt, but H&M is known for being more simplistic with their product names. This is probably my favorite out of everything. LOOK! ITS LITTLE TWIN STARS!!


This shirt is perfect for fairy-kei, but can work with other styles as well.  The next time I get cash, my paws are going to be on this baby! I have a pastel pink sports jacket from the 90's that would be perfect paired with it. and for only 17.95, its a much cheaper option to finding something similar on Taobao.
 Its simple design makes it easy to wear to school also!
(Bonus points for cute model)
Easily 5/5 imo

Im going to get used to the simple names from this point.


I was taken back by this one. The first impression it gave me was the barbie doll color. it reminds me of something from Moschino, which I love. It looks very glamorous and the fur gives it a Diva vibe. The only thing I personally didn't like about it, was the word "Kawaii".

Now, you guys. Im not totally against Japanese words on clothes, because I think its cute ant unique! but for some reason, if I myself were to wear it, it would give me a very weabooish vibe if that makes sense. 
Id wear it to an anime con in a coord, but probably not to school, you know? 
  The mint colorway it comes in is a bit more subtle and has a face instead of "kawaii cutie" on it.
 I prefer that one to this, but it still has potential!! 
 Sure, someone can pull this off, just not me. 
  3/5 imo


Item Three: Short Jersey Top: 9.95

 I love how subdued the colors are on this one. it would be perfect with a jacket!  If the bow was like sailor moon red and the collar was like sparkly sky blue, it would give off that vibe im trying to stay away from, but its not so YEAYUH! Cute yet subtle enough for school wear!!
Its seifuku styled but, it doesn't look like a cosplay item I threw on from my closet, you know? 
Does the print continue onto the back I wonder.. 


Next Items: Patterned sweatshirt and tights. 
Err... what character is that? 

japanese anime girl leggings H&M
Theres also leggings! with... the same print.... Am I supposed to wear them together? 
A more important question.
Would this count as Otaku camouflage?

I dont know how I feel about this to be honest. 
Something about wearing a pink haired school uniform wearing anime girl on my shirt with headphones to school makes me mildly uncomfy.
 Im not ready for a waifu relationship.
 And the fact that there are matching leggings to be worn with it makes me think about an Otaku spitting up on me. 

Like I said before, I bet there is someone out there that could pull these both off, but that person isnt me.

Though, I probably could get away with wearing both items to school if I wear them with a very dark outfit..

rating this was hard, but im going to give it a 2 and a half/5 
H&M has other cute themed items, too. 
Like their panda backpack with matching shoes!
Whats a western Kawaii collection without the signature panda bears slapped on everything?! 
I actually really like all of these.

H&M Kawaii Panda Loafers 2015

Ern... and then theres the sushi top. 
Printed across the top is the word "kawaii".... 3.2
The colors and print used on this shirt is actually super cool!!
I kind of like it.

 In Conclusion

In my opinion, the items from this line range from alright, to borderline stereotypical.. or even a bit corny? Like I said, nomatter how ugly, or corny, or strange something is, there is always SOMEONE that lives SOMEWHERE that pulls it off perfectly. 

 Im not daunting anyone though, part of a fashion  is to wear what you like!