Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Plus Size kawaii Clothes Masterpost

So, Im a bit of a pudgey girl. Im a size Medium Large in pants, but my boobs make me a size large to extra large in shirts. Im anywhere from a size 11-13, but with larger breasts. - _ - 
 I made this list for the slightly larger girls that would like to wear kawaii fashion, but cant seem to find much in their size.
So, without further A Do, Lets get on with it! 

Plus Size kawaii Clothes Quick list

Storenvy Shops
Pastel T shirts, hoodies, dresses, Tights. Very nice for Fairy Kei/Pastel goth/Aomoji Kei!

Home of the famous Pastel goth bear sweater! Shirts, Hair things, Necklaces, and sweaters. Perfect for pastel goth.

Holley Tea Time
T -shirts, Custom size sweaters, OPs, tights, and Acessories! Something for almost every style.

SpreePicky's other shop. Cute options. Dresses, shirts, tights. Ideal for most casual cute styles!

Other things from SE

♡Amazon Finds
Cute cat shirt! (Bust up to 142 cm!)

♡Taobao shop list
 I dont use taobao personally, so Ive never tried these. Ive read reviews though! Shop with caution.

Miss.38 A bit of everything!

Pangniu Worth Checking out.

Great blogs to find more Plus clothes on Taobao X & X

A good blog for plus size kawaii clothes (SHES THE NICEST CUTEST PERSON EVER!) X

 ♡Other great shops you should check out

♡Lolita Help
Bodyline has a few pieces, but you must DIG! I found a list of Larger size Bodyline Lolita Products here!

My Lolita Dress

Cosplay Help♡

Hello Cosplay Custom Sizes, great service
CosplayFu  Custom Sizes, lots of options

Bodyline cosplay 5xl to 7xl 

 US places to try
 Results May vary

H&M (Best results during spring)
Forever21 (Same Lol)
Hot Topic (Lots of Anime/ghibli/Pop culture things) 
Any thrift shop ever (DIG DIG DIG DIG)