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"Kawaii" fashion styles that arent over the top♡

im going to try my hand at making another blog post! hopefully, it doesnt dissapear..  this post is actually from my amino, but ive decided to tweak it and put it on my blogspot too!! enjoy!
 without further ado....
I bring you..

image"Kawaii" fashion styles that arent over the topimage


From the outside looking in.

When most people think about kawaii fashion, they usually either think about Lolita, Fairy kei, or Decora since those three are most popular. Theyre also probably three of the most intricate and over the top styles as well, so when many people think "KAWAII FASHION" Theyre gonna think pastel colors and ribbons and stickers and headbows! Which can be a lot for someone that wants to try the fashion out but is used to seeing themselves in jeans and a t-shirt. Its almost a bit scary I imagine.
Well fear not guys c: The good news is that theres a whole slew of different j-fashions out there that arent over the top at all and actually look really effortlessly cute!

The Truth

You think everyone overseas dresses like theyre straight out of harajuku all the time with bright colors and tutus and stuff? No. c: In fact, even in harajuku these days casual fashion is becoming more popular. Theres been a lot of arguing about why this is happening and if this is bad, but thats honestly so confusing that im gonna save it for another class.
Also, Depending on where you live, some jfashion can get really hot and uncomfy to wear in the summer! No matter how cute the outfit looks, if it threatens your safety then its a nono. period. (NOTE: If you have a lolita meet up on a day thats so hot that you fear that you'll have to break lolita guidelines to feel safe, DONT GO ;-;) You shouldnt ever risk heatstroke or passing out ever! Please stay safe ):

Sometimes less is more.

The truth is, you dont always have to walk around wearing over the top sweet lolita, or hardcore decora to look cute! If you want to, do it! But on days when you just wanna be casual, not draw attention and go to the store or hangout with friends, theres definately better options.


Korean Fashion/Ulzzang fashion.

 This casual cute and airy fashion has recently gotten a lot more popular in the west because its casual, playful, and subtle. I admit though, these pictures are a bit old. lately, korean fashion is verry minimalist. I like to call these pictures "classic" ulzzang fashion.

Ulzzang is a korean term thats been popular for a while online. it roughly translates to "Best Face" and was given to net idols in the early to mid 2000s who would gain popularity by looking attractive.
there are also western Ulzzangs v
K-fashion is known for its use of comfy oversized shirts and sweaters, high waisted skirts, and natural pastel colors in spring and summer. Theres actually an amino community about it! Before I was into J-fashion, I was into K-fashion!
Otome Kei
NOTICE: Now a lot of people are going to look at this and say "oh this is just toned down lolita" And i can see where someone would think so (I did for a long time) But it actually isnt. The first lolita nono that is common in otome is the lack of a petticoat. Unless youre going super duper old school lolita (70s-2001) you should ALWAYS be wearing a petticoat with your dress.
take a look at this chart I found comparing and contrasting the two styles!
Otome kei and Lolita are two similar LOOKING styles with different points and coordination. Both styles have dresses that can work for both and are often made to cater to both styles.
while otome shouldnt be called lolita, it gives off a LOT of lolita-ish vibes and has less guidelines, giving the wearer more freedom. It also stands out less and is still cute, which is why some Lolitas choose to wear Otome on their days off.
Otome in japanese means "Maiden" and got its start way back in the 1970s. the goal is to look dainty, put together and feminine.
Colors range from soft pastels to muted browns and blacks. dress prints consist of forest animals, candy, biscuts and books!
In spring and summer, light airy dresses and oxfords are mostly worn under dainty straw hats. In fall and winter, the signature otome beret hats and cardigans come out and are layered over solid colored tights.
I really enjoy this look. I think its really subtle and charming. what about you? :3

Tumblr//Aesthetic(?) style(?)

This last one is kind of all over the place tbh.. Its the newest style on the list and was made very popular by tumblr! (PSSST follow me at!) Its also the easiest to wear out of the three!
This style is very wide range and can be enjoyed by everyone. I dont know if it has a specific name, but ive seen a lot of people calling it Aesthetic fashion, so lets do that!
This casual style is simply based on what the wearer finds Aesthetically pleasing. its very similar to vaporwave but much more toned down most of the time. Most Aesthetic outfits are minimal and offer only one to four colors in a choord, but i promise theres something for everyone!
Jeans can be worn with this style, but i love the look of a tennis skirt with these.
Pastels like pink and blue are reeeallly popular, but so are white and black!
Grid patterns are also really popular. (double points if it has a sports logo like adidas)
And Japanese text.
And... Aliens..
Ill tell you what, its 4 AM and listing every single aesthetic style would take forever, so ill just talk about what youll typically see in the fashion.
-Small text on shirts
-Tennis skirts
-loose jeans
-90s windbreakers
-Internet slang
-gothic influence
-Nonsense text
- puns
-over the knee socks
-Adidas/Nike logos
-Color blocking
Over all, Its a nice casual fashion that looks effortless but pleasing to the eye. it fits loose and comfy and is so simple, anyone can wear it. The style has becone so popular and mainstream that you can easily find some of these pieces at your local forever21 or H&M! you should go check it out!

In Conclusion.

You dont HAVE to shell out loads of money on jfashion or pile on heaps of pastel things to look cute! there are a lot more casual, sweet styles that are easier to wear and look just as nice! ^_^ Dont ever feel pressured! Try out a few different things to see what you like best. c: Also, check out himekaji fashion. Its pretty much dressing like a princess off duty.

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my blog posts are vanishing!!

I recently wrote a blog post about wearing dresses and skirts in the cold, but it vanished!! I'm so sad, I spent a lot of time doing that and wanted to help people 

I don't really know why it could've vanished, but what should I do?.. what if my next post vanishes too? I should really learn to back up these posts somewhere.

In the mean time! I'm going to write another blog post soon. I don't know about what.. Maybe an updated list of plus sized kawaii shops? or shoes.

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How to make your room Kawaii ♡ (tips and tricks!)

My mom said that I had to clean my room from head to toe. My mom made me spend 45 minutes just picking up change from the ground in there. OTL
After roughing it and dumping half of my things, I noticed that my room is actually a bit.. plain.
How can I live a cute lifestyle if my room looks like it belongs to a 45 year old man?!

So its time for a blog post about..

How to make your room absolutely adorable and Kawaii!! 


Im super excited to write about this because most of the search results about a topic like this only result in pictures, and honestly theyre a bit overwhelming. To me, at least.
I mean going from something completely plain to this overnight just sounds hard..
Kawaii rooms are often very elaborate, so this project is going to be big and take some
Time. Like most big projects, it helps to split everything into groups, or phases.
Phase one:
Though unique, most Kawaii rooms have the same qualities that make them so.

*pastel colors like baby pink, baby blue, light purple, etc 

*cute characters (hello kitty, rilakkuma, my melody, gudetama, amuse characters,) 
*cute furniture, beanbags, etc 

Phase two:

 Junk is NOT cute. Clean your space and dust it. Be sure to coat corners with bug spray to rid of pesky insects. If youre an artist like me and like crumbling up old paper, invest in a waste bin. 
Sanrio has cute ones!

Phase three:


blogs like this one and pictures from online shops are the way to go! You can also try kawaii room tour videos if you want something more in-depth, or pintrest! below ive posted a few pictures that inspired me personally!

*photo spam ahead* 

  kawaii room | Tumblr


anime, baby, and pastels image 


❤ Kawaii Shop ❤:  

 Kawaii room! Instagram: rosie_os:  

cute lolita bed room:  

Phase four:


If you live in the states like me, where the general public believes that everything cute and dainty is strictly for children, finding cute stuff like this for a room can sound hard.. well, the good news is that it isnt! With a few tricks, getting cute things in store for your space is easy peasy. Here are a few I use. 


 Check the kids bedding section! 

 lots of stores that sell bedding and furniture have a children's section. often times the colors there are more pastel, and the bed sets are very cute. Target is a great place to start. they also sell really cute lamps! 

 Buy storage boxes around Easter and Valentines day!

This sounds like a pretty specific step, but im telling you it works. think about it. Around valentine's day, they sell a lot of heart shaped boxes for cheap! I got two super cute heart shaped baskets at Walmart last week for a dollar each!! Take advantage of these times to buy stuffed toys to decorate your room with too. Easter things are ALWAYS pastel colors and again, cheap. Check your dollar stores.

Thrift Thrift Thrift!! 

I feel like on every post I make here theres a section just about why thrifting is a good thing. I know it can be sorta off putting uh... thinking of buying room stuff from the thrift store, but im telling you it works! I recomend buying bed linens new but I have found really good stuff. If you're into decorating with really kitschy ceramic animals in pastel colors like I am, thats the place for you. Its also a good place to buy bed frames. steel bedframes are very sweet looking compared to others, especially when painted white.
Notice: if you do decide to get linens from a thrift store, please inspect and wash them first. ;u;

Buy online! 

 sometimes, there really aren't any good choices in store. thats okay though! dont be discouraged. it happens to me more often than you think. (AND ITS USUALLY WHEN I ACTUALLY HAVE MONEY TO SPEND OF THESE THINGS UGH) but um, anyways, lucky for us, we live in the age of the internet! Of course, because shipping on these things are usually from asia, it takes a longer time and can be pricey.
 The good thing is that you're almost guarenteed to find what you're looking for! Aliexpress has a section just for home things! Ebay is another good place to start. If you have more of a budget and can use a shopping service, check out Taobao. (its in chinese, but google translate works wonders.)  

With buying online, be careful with what seller you choose. on ebay, how many people have ordered the product? if its a fair amount and is good quality, go for it! On Aliexpress and taobao, check the amount of orders and the amount of stars a seller has. if it looks shady or too good to be true, it probably is. also! make sure you get a good shopping service for taobao too. 

 If all else fails, DIY!
Dont be afraid to do things yourself if you cant find exactly what you want. Lots of times, it comes out cheaper than just buying it anyway. check youtube and pintrest for diys


Final phase:


This process can take a while, but keep at it and just decorate as you like! Know what furniture pieces are too big for your room. Customize your wall with posters! Be yourself <3 I hope this post helped. good luck with your kawaii room! bye bye~

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Kawaii clothing finds on..Amazon?? (PLUS SIZES TOO!)

Kawaii clothing finds on...



Yes, believe it or not, Amazon does have a lot of quality items and stores. 
It generally takes a while to dig through a few of the flops before getting something nice. 
And yes, they have larger size.

Im JUST as surprised as you. 

Now, Lots of cuties find themselves searching for cute clothes on amazon for 3 reasons.

-A distant relative who you barely remember even though they insist you try to gave you a 20$ amazon gift card as a present.
- The freaking storenvy clothes are just out of budget because of being overpriced.
well, youre in luck! After a  bit of searching, Ive managed to find some cute things under 20 bucks. 

Now, there are a few items on this list that claim to be "Lolita" fashion. My one piece of advice is to never EVER order Lolita from shady shops. (example, Ebay or Amazon) The material is almost always cheap and gaudy as heck. If you're looking for a cute dress, or a costume then buy it, but if you're looking for a serious lolita item I suggest looking else ware, otherwise you might be mocked as an "ita". See how to avoid being an Ita for more info. If its not second hand and under 20 dollars, chances are its a cheap knock off of something else.
 (Bodyline in some cases is the only exception.) 

Buyers Discretion advised.   

Now that my warnings over with, lets get onto the fun part! 



This sweater comes in a large variety of sizes and is adorable, and It comes in 3 colors!
Popteen model and singer Pikarin wore this, (which is why I brought it xD) 

  $9.49 - $15.04

The next Item is a thing that actually isnt plus size. I want another seifuku because my first one is all strange and im going to Tekkoshocon in april so!!! asdhfpk!! 
but seriously what girl into Japanese fashion doesn't own one of these. it takes you back to those weeaboo days in middle school with your little cat ear squad nyaING AT EVERY FREAKING THING HONESTLY ITS JUST SO CRINGY ITS CUTE 
 Even though I might have screamed a bit because it wasnt in MY size, Im sure a few tinier girls would like how cheap it is! 

Its super cheap, comes in like 40 colors and I also available in winter style.The only problem is that this is kind of an ify product. there are picture reviews which is nice though, so if you're tiny and want a cheap option, this is for you. 
Seifuku $7.51 - $19.99

the next costume has a bit more options in the size department and is super cute, but again, the quality is a hit or a miss.

Its a bit more expensive but lets be honest, its adorable.

it also has picture reviews which is always great.
$16.20 - $28.58  
 It comes in 3 colours!


this is the cheapest place on amazon to buy asian fashion. the reviews count lots here, but the options are nice and most of the clothing sizes are very wide range.

heres just a few of their things.
people dont know this, but a super cute touch can make an outfit so much more adorable. 
I used to think it was just clothes but man was I wrong. since amazon has a lot of adorable cheap things, im just going to put pictures and links. 
TheWin My Neighbor Totoro Plush Shoulder Messenger Hand Bag Purse Grey 
 Polytree 5pcs Cute Girls Women's Big Polka Dot Rabbit Ear Hair Bow Tie Bands Ponytail Holder 

Make Up!

When buying unknown makeup brands online, please be careful!
[TONYMOLY] Delight Tony Tint 9ml (3 Set) 
Voberry® Women Gril Lady Big Sale! 5 Pair/lot Crisscross False Eyelashes Lashes Voluminous HOT Eye Lashes